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What's It Like Have COVID-19?

In this section of the website, we have stories from people as to what it was like to go through having COVID-19, including what symptoms one team member felt as well as what it is like to get a COVID test. Happy Reading!

The COVID Experience: Text

Getting a COVID Test

by Emily Fouse

I got a COVID test over last summer, before my grandparents came to visit, since I wanted to be sure that I was healthy before they came. I went to my parents' doctor's office to get the test. When I got there, my mom filled out a few forms and then we went into an exam room where they were administering tests. They stuck a swab (a really long q-tip like thing) up my nose and held it there for about 30 seconds while they rotated it around to get a good sample. I won't lie, it hurt a little bit. It was like when you are sick and you blow your nose too much, so it's just sore with pressure from the inside of my sinus. Once it was done, we went home and waited. After two days our results came and my family was clean and ready to welcome my grandparents!

The COVID Experience: Text

Having COVID-19

by Abigail Siegel

I had the coronavirus for about three weeks in February-March 2020. I got it at a convention for my youth group, and at the time the pandemic was not a serious concern. I actually didn't realize what I had was corona until about a month later, but at the time I just thought I had a really, REALLY bad flu. I was coughing and sneezing a lot, and was very nauseous. I even lost 13 lbs from being so sick! Another symptom that I felt throughout my time having corona was I got all these headaches. I would get these terrible migraines where all I could do was lie down and be in pain. I also had trouble sleeping and I couldn't go to school for a long time and fell behind on my work.  It was horrible trying to catch up on all that I missed. Overall, I wish people took the coronavirus seriously last February, so I could've saved myself from the worst month of my life!

The COVID Experience: Text
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