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Safety Equipment

There are many tools you can use to prevent catching COVID-19!!

Items such as masks, infrared thermometers, and gloves, and all help keep you safe. These three items help you in many ways, as you will read below. Of course, in order for them to work you have to use them correctly. Below is a video explaining how to properly use masks, infrared thermometers, and gloves.

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Washing Your Hands

Washing your hands is incredibly important. Take a moment and think about all the things you touch during a day at school (doorknobs, desks, pencils, paper, and so much more). Every single one of these items has millions of germs on them, and you can never tell if one of those germs could carry the coronavirus. By washing your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds (sing Happy Birthday three times to be sure) with soap and warm water, you can wash off any icky germs before they enter your system. If you can't access a sink to wash your hands, hand sanitizer is a handy alternative. However, washing your hands is the best way to keep clean throughout the day.

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