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Here are some trustworthy sites you can get more information from!

The Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Perhaps the best resource for this topic, the CDC has it all. With many webpages related to this topic, the CDC hosts a plethora of credible information from what exactly is safe to practice to data sets about the virus. Kid's Webdemic strongly recommends that you and your families check information with the CDC, as the research provided from this institution is the most credible and supported.

World Health Organization (WHO)

Run by the United Nations, the World Health Organization provides a broad overview of the virus including insights applicable worldwide. Due to the broad reach for resources, WHO's data is unmatched. Scrolling down the page are countless charts and explanations for data sets to help break down the current state of the coronavirus.

JHU Coronavirus Research Center

Supported by Johns Hopkins University, this data-heavy resource can provide quick statistics about the virus. There are plenty of fun charts and graphs stocked full of valuable information about the current state; including number of infected people, analyses of infection trends, and a map of the world marked with hot spots for the virus.

Harvard Health

Run by Harvard University, this sources has plenty of information regarding the basics on COVID-19. Here you can find in-depth explanations as to the WHY of the virus - and get insights from top medical researchers regarding the pandemic.

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